Below is a list of questions that I am most often asked about my services.  If your question is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

How many people can you paint?

On average I can paint 10 to 12 full faces an hour, or 15 if the detail is reduced.  I will work with you to establish the best designs to offer prior to the event.

Is face paint suitable for sensitive skin?

Please speak to me if you are worried about how your skin will react. A patch test can be carried out if I am aware of any concerns in plenty of time.

Is there anyone who cannot be painted?

For insurance purposes, all professionals don’t paint the face of children who are under 3 years of age. Children aged two usually prefer to have something on their arm anyway as it’s less intimidating. They can see what I’m doing whilst I talk to them about how it feels. Sorry – under 2’s cannot be painted.  For private parties, please inform your guests that they will be offered face painting and let me know if there are any I shouldn’t paint.

How do I wash it off?

A flannel and warm soapy water is best. Baby wipes are not advised. All paint should be washed off before bed (I apologise in advance for the tears at bed time!)

How much would you charge to paint at my event?

I offer very competitive rates.   Please use the contact form on here to give me information about your event and I will get back to you immediately with an accurate costing.  Price will be dependent on how long the event is for, numbers to be painted, location, etc.

What do I need to provide?

I will arrive at the event 20 minutes before I start painting, in order to set up. It is helpful if there is a small table, two chairs and water supply, but I can provide my own if required. I will display a disclaimer during the event. The disclaimer can be forwarded to you prior to your event, please feel free to ask for a copy.

What are your health and safety standards?

Only top quality paints and a fresh sponge for each child are used. A professional code of conduct is adhered to.   I reserve the right to refuse to paint the face of any person who appears unwell or with medical conditions such as (but not limited to) cold sores, psoriasis, open wounds, broken skin, conjunctivitis or other eye infections, runny nose, infected skin, head lice. In these circumstances I will explain politely why it is best for the model to have their arm painted instead.

Do you hold public liability insurance?

Yes. I hold £10m public liability insurance through Equity and am happy to provide a photocopy on request. If you require a team of painters for your event, they are all required to provide a current public liability document before they are booked.

Can you provide a risk assessment if I need one?

Yes. These can be provided on request. During all events, risks are assessed and minimised accordingly.

Can you provide a CRB certificate?

Yes, I have one in my capacity as a child minder (my other job – lucky kids!)  However, professional face painters are not eligible for police checks from the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau). They state that face painters do not fall within the ‘eligible positions’ required to carryout these checks (as we should not be painting children without an adult present), which are now known as Disclosure and Barring Service checks. Please use this link if you would like further information: DBS checks – Eligible Positions.

How do I confirm my booking with you?

I will send you a booking form outlining all the details we‘ve discussed (rate, time, date, location, payment terms, etc.) You must provide written confirmation of this with a 50% booking fee in order to guarantee the date. Please note that summer months are especially busy and bookings without these cannot be held.

What if I need to cancel the event?

Don’t worry, a full refund is available if you cancel within 3 weeks of your event date. Beyond that the booking fee is non-refundable. For events cancelled within 2 weeks of the date, the whole fee will be due for payment. If I cannot make the event for any reason all efforts will be made to find a replacement face painter of the same standard. If this is not possible the total amount paid will be returned in full.